Have always said that, technology is a tool given to us by God to promote the kingdom. The power of the internet even confirms that the more. Some seem to use the internet to this end while others use the internet to promote other things. I can’t help but write about a brother that’s doing something phenomenal. Nathaniel Bassey, a gospel singer-songwriter and  a Trumpet player from Nigeria, who has penned songs like Imela and Onise Iyanu  has been streaming live praise and worship session on the Instagram for the past 11 days now. He calls it a Hallelujah challenge themed – OLOWOGBOGBORO. OLOWOGBOGBORO is a Yoruba expression which literally means “long Winding hand”. Thousands of people from across the nations of the world join this event every night. The amazing thing to me is that, this brother has been able to capitalize on the power of the internet to promote the kingdom. Now, I’m not surprised that he’s able to pull this event off. Nathaniel’s church background has prepared him for what he is doing today.  We are just seeing a tip of the iceberg of what God wants to use this brother for in this generation. I’m assured, that his “IMELA TOUR” (check out his website for more information – nathanielbassey.net) in the US this year,is going to be an unforgettable experience. If no one has ever told him before, let me the first to say and announce that we have an APOSTLE OF MUSIC sent to this generation and his name is NATHANIEL BASSEY.  

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