If you didnt believe that Nigerian Christian Music is being mainstreamed, here are some facts to convince you. Sinach ,the popular award winning Nigerian gospel artist, released a video to her song “Way Maker” in 2016 just about a year ago. When you consider that this video has garnered over 16 million views all within one year, bearing in mind that most christian videos do  not get that many views compared to the secular ones. The huge success of Sinach’s video is pretty obvious. The other christian videos  which are taking the lead over Sinachs are videos by Hillsong – “What a beautiful name” with over 25 million views and Monster by the christian rock band  – Skillet with about 189 million views. Monster has been around for about 7 years and the hillsong worship songs have been synonymous with praise and worship music for some time now. If  Sinach’s popularity continues to grow as it has been, the video will easily be the top christian video on youtube. I think Nigeria ought to be very proud  of Sinach. click on the video above to listen to the song


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